New friends, new links

28 Feb

It’s sometimes amazing what happens when you create a new blog. Before you know it, you are making connections with people who share your interests, irrespective of geographical distance or time. I only started this blog last Friday, and already I’ve had a guest post appear on the Scottish Documentary Institute’s blog, and been contacted by the author of a very interesting blog about audio, called EarRelevant. And from that I’ve gleaned at least half a dozen new sources of inspiration and ideas.

Rich Halten started EarRelevant late last year because he though that radio craft needed more coverage. He’s into great sound design, and not just docs, but also sound art and drama. So far, he’s written articles about the influence of radio on Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, a report from the Prix Europa (Europe’s largest festival for tv, radio and online media,) an article about the late Tony Barrell, and an interview with the creator of Hindenberg, a useful audio app for the iphone (though not one I’ve yet tried.)

[By the way, if you are wondering why on earth you would call an audio app Hindenberg, try listening to the original broadcast of the Hindenberg airship disaster by reporter Herb Morrison on May 6th, 1937 in Lakehurst, New Jersey. It’s a moving, terrifying and incredibly powerful piece of broadcasting history, and one which was played to me as a student learning about broadcasting.]

Rich’s own work is published on his SoundRich website  (I’m listening to his atmospheric remixed radio piece from 2009 about the experience of two G.I.s in the Tet Offensive in Vietnam as I write this.) He also curates pieces for the AudioDocumentary Website, which looks like a gold mine of great audio, and collaborates with Connor Walsh from In the Dark, yet another interesting site to check out.

Needless to say it will take me quite a while to explore and digest the audio from all of these different sites! I’ll certainly post links and reflections on the most interesting material I find over the next few weeks, and add these to my blogroll. And if you know of any other sites you think I should be paying attention to – plaese let me know about them.


I mentioned above the recording of the Hindenburg disaster, and that I had first heard that audio recording whilst a broadcasting student at UCF Falmouth. However, we were only played an extract, the dramatic moment when Herb Morrison suddenly realises that this immense airship is on fire. Tonight is the first time I have listened to the full recording, and I’ve learnt something very surprising – some of the passengers of the airship actually survived by jumping out of the airship after it ignited, some of them totally unharmed. For anyone familiar with images of the disaster, it’s almost unbelievable.



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